Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Players Complain About Issues After New Update Release

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While updates are designed to make certain improvements to the game, sometimes they pave the way for bugs and glitches. That’s exactly what a new update in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has done!

Recently, Activision launched a new update for the game. While the update was supposed to fix certain bugs in the game, it has marked the arrival of certain issues. While CoD : Modern Warfare 2 Players players are upset by this and reported it as well, they are not really surprised as such incidents have happened in the past.

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On May 16, a new update was launched for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Apart from bringing in some important changes, it also implemented some weapon balance adjustments. If one goes through the update patch notes, one realizes the new update fixed a bunch of issues pertaining to abrupt client freezes, screen flickering, weapon blueprints and visual effects. Some important adjustments have been made to a couple of weapons as well.

A Reddit user, who identifies themselves as Mactraxer, highlighted the new issue that players are suffering from after the launch of this new update. As per the Reddit post, the player experiences low frame rates after a match gets loaded. Because of this, it becomes extremely difficult for them to aim or maneuver their way through the menus in the game.

After the recent update, which occurred 25 minutes ago, I’ve been experiencing an unplayable game. Has anyone else encountered this issue? It affects every game mode. I had the same problem before in Co-op mode as well.
by u/mactraxer in ModernWarfareII

Apart from this particular Reddit user, many players have spoken about suffering from this issue. After stumbling upon several bugs and glitches in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 recently, players shared their ordeal on different social media platforms. Going by the numerous posts on social media, one can conclude that players are going through a lot of inconveniences because of this glitch.

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Players have also stated that they have faced issues while trying out different game modes. This makes it clear that this issue is not restricted to only one gaming mode. Mactraxer has confirmed that they experience this issue while playing co-op. Players are visibly upset about the issues that have cropped up after the launch of this update as it is affecting the gameplay adversely.

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