Call of Duty Leaker Says Controversial Perk Making a Comeback in the Next Game

Call of Duty 2024

The leaker made several revelations about what fans can expect from the game when it comes out!

A Call of Duty leaker and dataminer has stated that the Last Stand Perk, which is now referred to as the Survivor, might make a comeback in Call of Duty 2024. The dataminer seems to have made these claims after stumbling upon evidence suggesting the same. As per the leaker, the next Treyarch title will bring many weapons and killstreaks to the fore.

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Call of Duty 2024 will be announcing its arrival towards the final months of this year. At the moment, there have been rumors about the game being called Black Ops Gulf War. In the next few months, the game is expected to be officially unveiled. In the month of February, a dataminer had made claims about the weapon lineup of Black Ops Gulf War getting leaked. The list featured a bunch of iconic guns dating back to the early 1990s Gulf War era.

Dataminer Vondyispog, who has a strong presence on Twitter, shared a thread that offered detailed information on in-game content that will be a part of the next Call of Duty game. This information, however, remains unconfirmed. When a reveal event takes place, much of this information could be officially confirmed by the gaming studio.

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The Call of Duty leaker has further claimed that Survivor, f.k.a Last Stand, was seen in files related to Call of Duty’s Black Ops Gulf War. The perk was also spotted in the original Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2. It enabled users to get into a ‘last stand’ state before embracing death. In this particular state, their character would lie on the ground with a pistol. To eliminate them, one would need to carry out additional damage.

While revealing regular Call of Duty perks like Dexterity and Scavenger, the dataminer also mentioned Operative, which happens to be a rather interesting perk. This particular perk gives users the opportunity to have a look at enemies through walls upon respawning. There will be another interesting perk in the form of Ante Up which would give users 200 points towards scorestreaks towards the beginning of each life.

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