Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Players Make An Appeal For An Orion Camo Change

Warzone 2

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has introduced the Orion Camo, an unlockable camo level to the franchise.

However, if we go by the initial response, players are not very excited. Gamers who manage to unlock the three lower levels of camo (Polyatomic, Gold and Platinum) shall get the opportunity to earn the Orion camo for the weapons they own. A large number of players wish for the Orion camo to be altered as its present version is not good enough for the massive challenges that Modern Warfare 2 throws up.

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Ever since Call of Duty: Modern Warfare came out in the year 2007, unlockable camo skins have been one of the most important features in this particular franchise. Players are required to finish weapons-specific challenges like ‘score 250 assists’ or ‘get 50 headshots’ to unlock rare camo designs. Weapon challenges get easier when key attachments are available. However, the new Gunsmith system of Modern Warfare 2 makes it more challenging to unlock weapon attachments. The process of completing weapon-specific challenges is also taking more time now.

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The newly designed Orion Mastery camo makes it compulsory for every challenge to be completed for 51 weapons. To complete these challenges, players need certain skills and must have spent a lot of time playing the game. While earning a camo in Modern Warfare 2 is a huge achievement for a player, most of the players are quite disappointed with how it shows up in the game. Orion camo is designed as an animated feature comprising a galaxy-like pattern. Many players have pointed out that it appears static because of slow animation.

The animation of Orion camo needs to be faster. Here I sped it up to 16x from ModernWarfareII

The Reddit-posted video features the Orion animation moving at 16x its original speed. However, even that this particular speed, the animation appears to be sluggish. When you don’t speed up the animation, the Orion camo gives you the impression of it being a lower-tier camo with zilch movement. This is one thing that has put off a large number of players. Many fans are now hoping for a comeback of the Damascus skins that featured in the earlier games.

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