GTA Online Halloween 2022: Here’s All That It Offered Fans

GTA online Halloween 2022

GTA Online Halloween event is in its final stages. However, there is still a lot you can gain from this event which will conclude on November 3.

During this event, players get to participate in a variety of spooky activities taking place in different locations in the game. Ever since Rockstar Games launched the Halloween event on October 6, it has been getting a very good response from fans.

Looking at the kind of response it has generated, one expects fans to feel a little disappointed when the event comes to an end on November 3. Halloween events, among other things, are known for the events which help players win lucrative rewards.

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With its new weekly announcement, the gaming publisher has included a bunch of new events in GTA Online. If you log in between October 27 and November, you will be given a Death Mask for free. Those who logged in on October 31 were rewarded with a Sasquatch outfit. While some players procured it from the wardrobe, some got it from the in-game interaction menu.

To the delight of many fans, Peyote Plants have staged a comeback to the game. You can find these in multiple locations across the game. When you consume a Peyote Plant, you will be immediately transformed into an animal with definitive characteristics. After being transformed into animals, the community gets the opportunity to participate in a variety of interesting activities. One of the favorite activities of players includes traveling to CayoPerico to participate in El Eubio’s party.

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Another interesting thing that happened recently is players witnessing the presence of UFOs in the Las Santos area. When somebody moves under these UFOs, they get abducted immediately. If you take pictures of these UFOs and send them to Omega, you will be liable to receive a reward of $15,000 for each picture. If you manage to send 25 pictures, you will get UFO Boxer Shorts and Glow Believe Caps.

During the Halloween event, GTA Online also registers the presence of UFO Business Battles. In these battles, players are given the responsibility to deliver spaceship components to Omega. Once you manage to deliver the components successfully, the Green Vintage Frank mask or the Pale Vintage Mummy mask will get unlocked.

Those who own an arcade will get the opportunity to take part in the Camhedz Arcade Machine Event. During these events, players might encounter Phantom cars, Cerberus trucks, and Clone Slashers.

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