Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Shares Details of New Game Modes and Maps Scheduled To Arrive in Season 4


One of the things that should keep the players excited is a collaboration with the Gundam franchise!

Activision has just shared information pertaining to the content that players will get to see with the launch of the Season 4 update of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Along with two modes and new 6v6 maps, fans will get to explore a lot of other fresh content. This update is all set to be rolled out on May 29.

Call of Duty MW3 Season 4

Recently, Activision confirmed that Season 4 will witness a collaboration with the Gundam franchise. Through the Gundam collaboration, players will get to see three different bundles. After this, they will get to witness an event revolving around the theme of Gundam. During this event, players will get the opportunity to unlock several other themed items. There is a good possibility of one of the new maps in Season 4 paying respectful deference to the native land of Gundam creators.

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During the initial launch, the new 6v6 maps players will get to see will be the ones revolving around Tokyo and Paris. These two maps have been designed to give players a glimpse into the environment of these two cities. The Tokyo map shall feature a nighttime setting. Here, you will see neon-colored lights filling up the streets. The Paris map, on the other hand, features a daytime setting in which we would be able to see some of the iconic landmarks prominently.

Apart from the arrival of this new free map, players should also look forward to the return of Demolition, which happens to be a Search and Destroy mode featuring some important adjustments. Players should also be delighted by a game mode named Hyper Cranked which is designed to alter the standard version of the mode ensuring all players remain cranked during the start of every life.

As one moves forward with Season 4, one will get to witness the arrival of several other maps and modes. One of the new 6v6 maps that will be arriving soon is Incline. There will also be Das Gross, which is another variant of Das Hous. Havoc, which should also come soon, has been designed as a TDM mode.

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Season 4 follows some of the trends one witnessed in Season 3. Some of the new perks and equipment that will be introduced in Season 4 will be similar to the ones one came across in Season 3. From an unmanned drone that fires rockets to a bomb that resembles a cluster mine, there is a lot players can look forward to. There will also be the DNA Bomb which is designed quite similarly to the MGB.

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