Minecraft’s 15th Anniversary: Sandbox Game Receives Another Free Map

Minecraft Sandbox

The 15th-anniversary celebrations of Minecraft have brought in a lot of cheer from fans!

To commemorate the 15th anniversary of Minecraft, video game developer Mojang has rolled out a new map that players can download free of cost. Originally released in the year 2009, Minecraft has had a very successful journey so far. While old players continue to stick around, the game has also managed to attract new players and expand its player base steadily over the years. This particular freebie gives players the opportunity to collaborate with friends and go on a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

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Till May 29, Minecraft players will have the opportunity to unlock new free items regularly. Every item they unlock will take them to a different year in the franchise’s journey. Till June 18, players shall also have the opportunity to get their hands on an exclusive TikTok themed cape. If they watch 15 minutes of Minecraft content on Twitch, they will also get the chance to win an exclusive cape. After subscribing to a Minecraft streamer on the Amazon platform, the player will also get to avail of a special mask. The 15th-anniversary celebration of Minecraft will go on for some time. Now, players have the opportunity to download another free item.

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To bring further joy to players during the 15th anniversary month of Minecraft, Mojang has released a free map. Players can download this map, put together by Oreville Studios, from the Marketplace, which happens to be the Minecraft-exclusive content store designed for Bedrock Edition players. The map can be described as an in-game ‘museum’ where players will have the opportunity to have a look at exhibits showcasing several important moments from minigames developed by Mojang over the years.

A while back, the development team of Minecraft had rolled out another free map which was the brainchild of the community’s mapmakers. This map was designed to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Minecraft Realms. In the Dressing Room of the Bedrock Edition, players will also get the opportunity to claim a new avatar-free item.

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Though some believe that most Minecraft players belong to a younger age group, that’s not true. It is one of those games which has managed to attract players of all age groups over the years. Many of these players are the ones who have been playing the game ever since its first version came out. Once the 15th-anniversary celebrations of Minecraft wrap up, Mojang will divert its energies towards launching Tricky Trials, which is the next major update for the game.

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