GTA 6 has Some Tough Competition, Ex-Executive Raises $42 Million for a New Game

GTA 6 concept maps

Game studios often face a split-up after massive success.

The people at Rockstar faced a similar issue in the past and an ex-executive of the company has managed to raise $42 million. The aim behind this new studio is to make sure GTA 6 and any other title in the series don’t enjoy its sole winning role in the open world, gangster genre.

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When you start looking for a game that is similar to Grand Theft Auto, you will be hard-pressed to find one. There isn’t literally any other option available because of the fact that Rockstar and their game GTA has been dominating the particular genre for decades now. If there is someone who could actually make a better game and give it stiff competition, it could possibly be a team led by an executive who was already part of the team. The game has been titled Everywhere and is being built by the team at Build a Rocket Boy Games.


Funding has begun

It should be great news both for employees working in the company and for fans who would love to see a new AAA open-world title that they could enjoy. Aptly titled as Everywhere, it is the new game which is going to directly compete with GTA 6 when it finally gets launched, god knows when! There were some similar titles like Saints Row and Driver but they didn’t manage to withstand the test of time because of limited funding and the studios being unable to keep delivering to the new age gamers.

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GTA Online is another reason that made GTA 5 extremely popular among gamers. After completing the single-player campaign, they started leading a life in their online persona. Rockstar kept feeding lots of new content, games to play and missions to be completed. There is hardly any other game that would offer the level of freedom and action that GTA Online could offer. The game has already crossed every other cash milestone with billions of dollars. It has also been confirmed that Xbox Series X and PS5 will receive an upgraded version of the game when the new consoles get launched.

With this funding, it is being expected that Everywhere could become the competitor that has been missing for years now. We don’t have an actual release date but when it comes out, it should be a treat for both gamers and stir up a business so that Rockstar would deliver even more with GTA 6.

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