Call of Duty: Warzone 2 Gets Building 21 Removed After 24 Hours

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The first important update of Call of Duty: Warzone 2 featured the very mysterious Building 21 which has been described as a limited-time location that had a very limited timeline.

Since it was an addition to Warzone’s DMZ mode, fans were very excited to check out the new content. However, they were quite disappointed when they realized it was missing just 24 hours after getting an official release.

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Warzone 2’s Season 1 Reloaded Update was formally launched on December 14. This update marked the arrival of a bunch of new operators, Chimera assault rifle, and bug fixes. It also gave players the opportunity to experience the first-ever raid experience in the game. While the update was received well by the players, the presence of bugs remains a major issue with the game.

Building 21 was added to the Warzone 2 DMZ game mode on December 19. The addition of Building 21 enabled players to discover some of the deeply buried secrets pertaining to the location. However, the excitement fizzled out soon as Infinity Ward removed Building 21 from the game just 24 hours after incorporating it.

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Initially, it was believed that the disappearance of Building 21 was because of some bugs. However, soon enough it was discovered that the publisher had always planned for it to be something that would be around for a limited period of time. Fans can seek solace in the fact that Building 21 has not been removed forever. Infinity Ward has confirmed that Building 21 will be back in the game by December 27.

In the gaming world, seasonal content and limited-time events are quite common. However, they do take players by surprise at times. This is exactly what happened with Building 21. Temporary content could help in creating buzz for a game, but its disappearance results in players feeling dejected.

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