Change Your PS5’s White Cover, Here’s How

Playstation 5

Sony PlayStation 5 is a monster on the inside with some exceptional hardware components.

The console is more than capable of delivering impressive performance on all titles in 4K resolution. However, the design which resembles a large router in all white didn’t really impress the crowd which is why we already have third party covers for the console.

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With just a couple of weeks to go before the official launch, many have already pre-ordered their PS5 console. It is a nightmare story of its own in the United States and many regions where people couldn’t gain access to the websites. When they finally got inside the store, stocks were all gone and they couldn’t part with their $500 as they originally wanted to. The stock issues are expected to prevail until the holiday season even though Sony is doing a lot to ensure they bring in more in the following months.

Playstation 5

Changing its initial design

Owning a gaming console like the PS5 or the Xbox Series X is half the battle because most would want to customize it. Console manufacturers are quite aware of this fact which is why there are tons of special edition Xbox One consoles out there. PlayStation 4 had a limited set of those but when you could simply swap the cover, PlayStation 5 seems more of a choice for most gamers to customize their gaming console.

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The launch comes from a company that calls itself the PlateStation to provide customized plates for the console. They have revealed a silver-colored edition and another one in all red. Based on your personal preference, you can always pick the one that best suits you. Besides, you could easily have half a dozen plates at home and swap them every weak. Sony unveiled the official teardown video of the console and it was evident that they want you to change the cover. It was as simple because it is essential to do so in order to access the expandable storage.

Sony PlayStation 5 is not directly associated with this company that calls itself the PlateStation but if you are keen on changing the look of your newest console, you could definitely consider going for this. It costs $40 and available in a range of colors including red, black, blue and camo edition. For people who are used to removing electronic goods, it shouldn’t take more than half an hour to complete this procedure and maybe swap the memory card on the way.

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