Sony PlayStation 5 Production Dramatically Increased Amid High Expectations

Sony PlayStation 5 console is speculated to sell much higher units than originally speculated.

With millions of people working from home and staying indoors due to the pandemic, it was opined that gaming consoles may sell higher on a global level. The production of PS5 has been ramped up according to industry experts and instead of making 5 million units as originally planned, the company is planning to make 10 million to meet the demand.

Sony PlayStation 5

On the launch date, Sony is expected to ship 5 million consoles to the United States while some of them may be sold in Europe and the UK. The rest of the world does have a demand for Sony PlayStation 5 too because of its raw power and the slew of exclusives already available on the PS4 console. It is said that China has ramped up production and the factories are willing to provide as many consoles as required. There will be 5 million more devices made and shipped to global markets before the end of 2020.

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The pricing of the console is yet to be officially revealed which will play a huge role in selling it in big numbers worldwide. Sony is keen on undercutting Microsoft’s Xbox Series X which should be at least $500 or more considering the fact that it provides 12 teraflops of graphical power. However, with 10 teraflops and more than enough capacity for all its AAA exclusive titles, PS5 might make a huge market share if sold for $50 lesser whereas a $400 price tag will ensure the console flies off shelves as soon as it gets launched.

Predictions Made for PS5

The PlayStation 4 console was a huge success for Sony as the company manages to sell more than four million consoles in 2013 since it got launched in November. Within the year-end, they sold more than expected especially considering the fact that Microsoft’s Xbox One had lots of obstacles in the beginning. The console took nine months before touching the 10 million mark in 2014 but situations look more favorable in this era because of new games, increased spending on consoles and the phenomenal growth of mobile gaming that boosts console gaming as well.

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Sony is expected to make an official announcement of the PlayStation 5 and its pricing, for both the disc and the digital edition. Most gamers would go for the digital edition because it will be much more affordable and there is little reason to collect discs unless you plan to resell it in the local store. The disc version will also be available but there is no word on whether it would support 4K Blu-rays as the Xbox One did this current generation.

The DualSense controller is much bigger and easier to use even though it resembles the Xbox controller. PlayStation 5 by Sony is on its way to becoming a huge success and the news that 10 million consoles are being made for the launch year seems like a promising start for the next generation console.

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