CoD: Modern Warfare 2 Update Gives A New Twist To Polyatomic Camo

Call of Duty: Warzone 2

A new update, introduced in CoD: Modern Warfare 2, refreshes the dark design of Polyatomic Camo.

Whenever a new update is rolled out, players expect it to improve the gameplay or bring some change in the dynamics of the game. Though most players do not expect a change or upgrade to be made to cosmetics, a little bit of modification here and there can make the game more interesting. Through the latest update made to CoD: Modern Warfare 2, Infinity Ward has made a prominent change to Polyatomiccamo.

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While playing CoD: Modern Warfare 2, players get a lot of camos to choose from. Infinity Ward has now redesigned one of the oldest and most popular camos in the game. While some have approved of this alternation, there are some who are not very pleased with it.

The Polyatomic camo, as some players would remember, was one of the first camos that players had the opportunity to unlock after completing a challenge thrown at them in the game. A lot of effort was required to unlock this particular camo. To get it unlocked, it was necessary for players to finish the platinum and gold weapon challenges that were linked to the 51 launch weapons.

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When it was introduced initially, the Polyatomiccamo would convert the weapons of the players into a dark purple crystalline design. The newest update has resulted in the design of the camo being changed. A Reddit user named LorensoO, through a Modern Warfare 2 subredddit thread, pointed out the fact that the camo had an animated look and feel to it now. The dark purple color scheme, the Reddit user noted, looked much brighter now.

Polyatomic has been updated and is now an animated camo!
by u/Lorenso0 in ModernWarfareII

This particular modification has surprised many as Infinity Ward hadn’t provided any indication or hint about it doing something in this direction. When you go through the thread posted by LorensoO, you get an idea about the reactions pouring in. A large number of players are unhappy with this change as they feel the camo looks too bright now. Many are asking for this update to be rolled back.

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