Ubisoft Games Get Updated, Far Cry 6 on Steam but The Division 2 Still PS4 Friendly

Far cry 6

Ubisoft games have always been relevant in the gaming community because of how popular they are but they have decided to bring Far Cry 6 along with a bunch of other titles to the Steam platform.

Most gamers are on the age-old platform Steam which is why the decision and they further confirmed that Division 2 cannot be made PS5 and Xbox Series X exclusive.

Almost all the popular and happening games of today are also available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles from the past. Those devices are over nine or seven years old making them inferior in terms of hardware fidelity. However, Ubisoft in their statement confirmed that if they are to make The Division 2 available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X with hardware specific updates, it may no longer be playable on other older generation platforms.

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For the moment, the game supports 60 frames per second which is quite common and readily available on both next generation consoles. The addition of ray tracing, improved textures or any other improvements are being left out to enable players to continue playing it on their available platform. It helps Ubisoft games retain their audience rather than pushing them off the game which doesn’t have any sequel planned as of now.

Adopting Steam

Steam is possibly the most popular platform of them all which is why all major Ubisoft Games are being ported to the game distribution platform. For gamers, it is much easier to buy a game there and launch it than having to keep two launchers open. While it does require Uplay functioning in order to make it playable, it may be a thing of the past soon as most titles are already being launched on Steam as its primary place of availability.

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Far Cry 6 is not the only title but a load of others including Republic Riders, Rainbow Six Extraction and Monopoly Madness are also getting launched on Steam before the end of June. In the month of December, Immortals Fenxy Rising and Roller Champions will also be brought to the platform increasing the number of Ubisoft Games onboard.

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