Destiny 2 and Mass Effect Crossover To Bring In a Lot of Goodies For Players

Destiny 2

As is the case with any other Destiny crossover event, this one will also introduce new cosmetic items in the game.

The storyline of Destiny 2: Season of the Wish was wrapped up recently. Before the launch of The Final Shape, the game would be in its waiting months. Despite this, the game receives fresh content quite frequently. In April, players can look forward to the inclusion of Into the Light.

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Though one does not know much about the project at the moment, one has content being rolled out quite frequently. The game’s weekly Riven’s Wishes was the most recent content addition to the game. With the way everything has been happening, players keep looking forward to new content all the time. Destiny 2 is one game which has witnessed multiple crossovers in the recent past. All these crossovers have been interesting in their own ways and contributed towards expanding the player base of the game.

When crossovers happen, players are provided with cosmetics from several popular franchises. Players get to explore different worlds and universes and that, in turn, boosts the sales of Destiny 2. Once the next crossover happens, players will get to see armor sets modeled on Garrus, Liara T’Soni and Shepard from Mass Effect. Another interesting thing players can look forward to is an Exotic Ship. What is truly incredible about this new collaboration between Destiny 2 and Mass Effect is that players will be given three items at zero cost for the very first time.

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In the past, crossover events related to Destiny 2 have resulted in armor sets being introduced for each class. This ritual started with the Fortnite event organized in the year 2022. Players keenly look forward to the new cosmetics that will be brought into the game every time such an event occurs. They also look forward to special Ships, Ghost Shells and Sparrows.

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