GTA 6 Release Date: The Much-Awaited Game Will Arrive In Q1 2025


Once 2025 arrives, GTA 6 fans will not have to wait too long to play the most wanted game!

In February 2022, Rockstar Games confirmed that it was working on the next iteration in the Grand Theft Auto series. Since then, fans started looking forward to the gaming studio sharing some official updates about the game. While there was no dearth of leaks and rumors, Rockstar did not share anything from its end. Finally, last year in December, the gaming studio released the first official trailer of GTA 6. Ever since then, GTA 6 release date is believed to be closer than expected!

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After the launch of the first official trailer, the excitement around the game reached another level. The trailer broke several records and it served as a testimony to the fact that the game was being keenly looked forward to by GTA fans across the globe. The anticipation around GTA 6 increased substantially and fans now started hoping that Rockstar would share updates about the much-awaited game at regular intervals. However, that did not happen.

The visuals in the 1-minute and 31-second long trailer left everybody impressed and set the tone for the game. After having a look at the trailer, fans got a better idea of what they should expect from the game. As of now, the trailer has registered more than 170 million views.

After the trailer release, discussions around the release date of GTA 6 have restarted on a fresh note. While there were talks about the game eyeing a 2024 release, GTA 6 will most likely get a full-fledged release sometime next year.

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Recently, Take-Two Interactive, Rockstar Games’ parent company, carried out a conference call. Through this conference call, the company laid down its roadmap and plans for generating revenue and profit in the upcoming financial year. Based on the information one could gather from this conference call, GTA 6 will get a release date in the first quarter of 2025.

GTA 6 Release Date

As per a post by @GTAVI_Countdown, Take-Two Interactive believes it will earn as much as $8 billion in revenue in 2025. The fiscal year would come to an end on March 31, 2025. The post also states that to achieve this sales figure, Take-Two would have to release GTA 6 in the market. If we take all this information into account, one can infer that GTA 6 will be released sometime between January and March 2025.

Through an officially released statement, Take-Two Interactive confirmed that GTA 6 will feature the state of Leonida and the various locations in the game would offer an immersive experience to players. With this statement coming in from Take-Two, one expects the game to be a few notches higher than the titles that have been released as a part of the GTA franchise so far.

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