Diablo 4 Map Size is Five Times Bigger Compared to Beta

Diablo 4

Diablo 4 had a staggered open beta experience and Diablo 4 map size is what every last gamer wants to know because the beta was quite restricted to a small area.

The dungeon crawler is all about allowing complete freedom to players so they could explore, kill monsters, collect items and become indestructible on their path to victory.

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If you are among the thousands who logged into the game last week, you might have probably finished the open beta in an hour or so. Apart from the well-made cut scenes and brilliant level design with exceptional attention to detail, there was one thing everyone was curious about. After all, if the entire game is going to be so small with limited exploration, it cannot be a Diablo title. It is always known for its expansive design and ability to keep grinding at it for hours at a stretch with friends.

When the game gets officially launched on June 6th, there will be so much more to explore than just Act I, confirmed the developers. Fractured Peaks is one among the many zones they have created and Sanctuary is being built on a much larger scale made up of five different zones to explore. Based on the number of side quests and collectibles players work on, they will be spending hours and hours in the dungeon as well as in open areas with variable weather.

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Diablo 4 Map Size Revealed

A photograph of the map was released on Twitter which gives us a fine idea of what to expect when the full game launches. According to players and developers who worked on the title, it will easily take four hours at the least and up to 12 hours to complete Act I. There will be more such acts to explore which should easily provide over 20 hours of gameplay for fast players, whereas others can enjoy Diablo 4 map size at their own pace. You can choose to explore all the cinematics, enjoy the dialogs inside with character development and so on for a complete experience.

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