Fortnite Shares Details About Crew Pack Content For April 2023

Fortnite Crew pack

The Fortnite Crew content for April will feature a bunch of exciting items including several cosmetic products.

Epic Games released a teaser for April’s Fortnite Crew Pack a while back and now, it has shared proper details of what one can expect from it. It also shared the date on which fans can expect it to release. Fortnite Crew, for the uninitiated, happens to be a subscription service pertaining to Fortnite. The subscription service has been around for more than two years now and managed to become quite a hit. It provides players with a plethora of benefits and perks including a skin.

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Earlier this month, the second season of Chapter was made available for players. It introduced players to a cyberpunk world that is set in the future. Apart from several interesting Japanese-inspired buildings and locations, it also brought in several amusing mechanics for fans to try out.

Season 2 has managed to impress several fans by enabling a crossover of Attack on Titan and Resident Evil. Fans have also been very happy with the introduction of a bunch of interesting weapons like the Kinetic Blade Katana. Owing to the introduction of these elements, the game has become more dynamic than ever.

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Fortnite Crew subscribers will be able to have a look at the April content from March 31 at 8 PM ET. In the month of April, Fortnite players will get the opportunity to do a lot of exciting things with the TriarchNox skin. Noxious Wrap and Starlit Sai Pickaxe. Just like last month, subscribers will also get the Photonic Legacy Set featuring the Photonic Striker Pickaxe. This is a pickaxe that gets better as you cross different stages. The Fortnite Crew subscription gives players access to the current battle pass along with 1,000 V-bucks which they can use to buy different items put up at the Fortnite shop.

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