Diablo IV: The Action Role-Playing Game Gets a Cathedral of Its Own

Diablo 4

As Diablo IV gears up for its full-fledged release on 6 June, fans are excited about all the different elements it will feature!

Launched in January 1997, Diablo proved to be a path-breaking game in ways more than one. The game, which was based on the fictional kingdom of Khanduras, was a genre-defining game and paved the way for many other action role-playing games to be released in the future. Two more games, that were a part of the franchise, were released in the subsequent years and had several elements that appealed to fans of the genre and the franchise.

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Though Diablo 3 turned out to be a success, it didn’t quite meet the kind of expectations fans had from it. The beta test version of Diablo IV, however, has managed to impress fans who are now keenly looking forward to the game getting a full-fledged release on June 6.

While there is a lack of clarity pertaining to some of the elements in Diablo 4, fans are quite hopeful about the game adhering to the high standards the earlier games in the franchise have set. Since Diablo 3 left a section of the fans feeling underwhelmed, Activision Blizzard is very conscious about the reception of the upcoming game in the franchise.

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Blizzard seems to have worked towards incorporating certain elements in Diablo 4 that would make it look grand or scaled up. The gaming publisher, seemingly, has plans to ensure the game looks bigger and better than its predecessors. This seems to be the reason why it has given the game the Cathedral of Diablo. The presence of this Cathedral would add a lot of value to the game as players will finally have an in-game place of worship.

The Cathedral of Diablo has been set up as a promotional exhibit and is a part of the Chapelle des Jésuites, Place du Saint-Sépulcre in Cambrai, France. The consecration has been removed from the Cathedral for the time being as the team, at the end of the day, is promoting a game that is about hell and demons.

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