GTA 6 Fans Believe They Have Stumbled Upon a Major Clue Pointing Towards Game’s Official Reveal

GTA 6 Fans

While GTA 6 fans had been eagerly waiting to get some official update on the upcoming game from Rockstar Games, they have now come across something which suggests the game would be revealed soon!

It has been more than a year since Rockstar Games confirmed that the next game in the GTA franchise is being developed. While rumors and leaks pertaining to the game come to the fore every now and then, GTA 6 fans have been waiting endlessly for Rockstar Games to share something concrete about the game.

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While fans have been wanting to know about different aspects pertaining to GTA 6, the one thing everybody is looking forward to is the game getting revealed officially. While a lot of fans are upset about Rockstar keeping mum on the game, an official reveal would be enough to make fans feel happy again. Interestingly, some fans have spotted something which, they believe, points toward the official reveal of GTA 6 in the near future.

Bryan Zampella, who lends his voice to the character of Jason, recently shared a picture on Instagram which made a lot of fans curious. In the picture, Zampella can be seen wearing a shirt that seems to be from Vice City and posing in front of palm trees in Miami. While there are strong rumors about GTA 6 being set in Vice City, fans are convinced that at least a portion of the game will revolve around the city which happens to be Rockstar’s fictional version of Miami.

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Because of this picture, a lot of fans now believe that Zampella is teasing them about the official reveal of GTA 6 which could take place anytime soon. A lot of fans are also of the opinion that the reveal would take place before summer comes to an end. This theory is a result of the game being set in Vice City which is synonymous with beaches.

There is another section of fans that do not subscribe to the aforementioned theory at all. According to them, this is just a random picture posted by Zampella and it does not say anything about the game or its reveal date.

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