EA Confirms FIFA 21 Demo is Cancelled, Focusing on the Full Game Instead

Electronic Arts FIFA 21

Electronic Arts is known for its long lineup of sports titles including the super famous FIFA 21.

The football game is popular around the globe and a great favorite among console gamers who spend hours scoring goal after goal. In an official announcement, the company confirmed that they will not be rolling out a demo this year so that there is more time to focus on the full game.

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Despite releasing a new FIFA title every year, players continue to purchase them no matter what at full price. The games are getting released with very minimal changes every year but for some reason, fans just love it so much. It should be a shocking surprise for those who wouldn’t be able to get their hands on the demo so as to know how the new game looks and feels before deciding to spend $60 on the full title. Besides, the next-generation consoles are expected to increase the pricing of games between $50 and $80 based on its production value.

EA Play Subscribers and GamePass Owners Can Get it

For those of you who are really eager to check out the game before making the full purchase, the only way to do so is to become an EA Play subscriber. Xbox Game Pass owners will gain access to the full games from Electronic Arts towards the end of the year. When they finally launch it as part of the game pass subscription, those on the select platform will also be able to check out the full game of FIFA 21 without having to pay the full price.

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The game is expected to launch on October 9th but EA Play subscribers can play the game for 10 hours from 1st of October onwards. In their official Twitter post, the publishing firm has confirmed that they look forward to offering a full trial for subscribers rather than focus on a demo which would further delay development.

Electronic Arts FIFA 21

Besides, huge expectations lie on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 version of the game which will also be released once the consoles are out in November. With so much riding on their back, EA wants to make sure they focus on the game as well as its next-generation upgrades which can be done free of cost. It allows EA to offer value for money to gamers who purchase the game a month earlier but will still be able to play it on the new consoles.

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