GTA 6 is Taking So Long to be Made, GTA 5 Actor has Some Clarification


Unless people who work at Rockstar or someone who had been part of the GTA 5 game clarifies, it is always difficult to understand why a game would take so much time.

After all, the previous game got released years ago and the team had so much time to focus on something new.

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When gamers love a franchise so much, it is for many reasons like graphics, voice acting, storytelling and gameplay elements. All these things when combined in the right manner would provide an exhilarating and immersive experience like never before. The team wanted to ensure GTA 6 is on par and over what players would expect from a new Grand Theft Auto game. Fans have been frequently pestering Rockstar to make a comment and all they said was keep following their Twitter account to know more as it happens.


Professionals Have a Saying

The amazing Grand Theft Auto 5 has some great things mainly because of these three primary actors. One of them happens to be Shawn Fonteno who played the role of Franklin Clinton. When he plays the lead role, he obviously knows what goes into the making of a new game. He further clarified that it is not an easy way to simply do some stuff and get the game out. Rather game development is a tiresome and time-consuming process according to the guy who brought a memorable character to life.

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The COVID 19 virus further slowed down production according to this actor who further says that you people are already milking GTA 5 to the core. You have so much content to play and enjoy but why not wait some more time until Rockstar is ready to show something.

“If the company would actually throw some game in the name of GTA 6, people would stop supporting it. If it is a really bad game no one would love the franchise which is why they take so much time and ensure it lives up to the name created by the company. It would be worth the wait. I am confident about it,” he further added.

The actor further revealed that it easily took them four years to complete filming content for GTA 5 and it is no wonder when there are deep characters in a game, the groundwork will be really slow to achieve that level of quality. We obviously have to believe and go by his claim to get a quality GTA 6 when it officially gets launched.

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