GTA Online: Hackers’ Exploits Continue To Make It Unsafe For Players

GTA Online Update

Recent exploits on GTA Online by hackers made it quite dangerous for players to be a part of the game. It’s been a couple of days and unfortunately, nothing has changed!

Despite being officially launched close to a decade ago, Grand Theft Auto Online continues to be one of the hottest properties for Rockstar Games.

While the player base for the game has grown substantially over the years, the game has faced its share of problems from time to time. A few days ago, the game was affected by the exploits carried out by hackers. Because of these exploits, players were warned against playing the game for some time.

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Though one expected Rockstar to resolve this issue immediately, that hasn’t happened yet. This has caused a lot of disappointment in the GTA Online gaming community and now, many gamers are wondering when they would be able to enjoy the game in a safe manner again. Dangerous mod menus, also referred to as hacks by casuals, continue to plague the game.

GTA Online’s PC version has been affected by modding-based issues for several years now. Last year, several users received spam invites along with a bunch of tools that gave players the chance to kick and trouble others randomly. 2023 has brought in a new set of issues for the game. Because of the aforementioned exploits, the accounts of many players have become corrupted.

These exploits have resulted in players suffering from a variety of issues, including corrupting accounts, an anti-cheat menu operating against mod menus and players’ IP addresses being circulated in the lobby. On top of this, players are encountering lethal hacks almost every month.

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While GTA Online players have been advised against playing the game for some time, ardent fans find it difficult to control their urges. And, when they play the game, they suffer on account of these exploits. It must be mentioned here that these issues are mostly prevalent on the PC port. Therefore, it largely affects those who play GTA Online on their computer systems.

The aforementioned tweet was posted by Rockstar on January 23, 2023. While this tweet offered some assurance to fans about Rockstar working towards fixing this issue, they were quite let down to see the gaming publisher, not taking any effective steps in this direction after promising to do so. It’s been a week and Rockstar is yet to do anything to resolve this issue.

At the moment, the only thing GTA Online fans can do is wait for this issue to be fixed. Those who want to play the game should consider using Guardian and other third-party tools. It would also be a good idea to get yourself involved only in Invite Only or Solo Session. If you are overly concerned about some virus affecting your system, you should look for the Rockstar Games folder on your computer and delete it. The best thing to do would be to avoid playing GTA Online till this issue has been taken care of.

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