GTA Online’s Taxi Job Update Might Have Dropped a GTA 6 Tease

GTA Online Taxi

Those who had been waiting to get some update on GTA 6 were quite excited with a possible tease that accompanied the taxi job update.

Grand Theft Auto Online recently released a weekly update that, as per some fans and observers, features a potential Grand Theft Auto 6 tease that revolves around a Taxi Job artwork.

There are, seemingly, more hints about the much-awaited game. Those who have tried the update are of the opinion that it features a bunch of references to GTA 6 which have already come across via the Los Santos Drug Wars update.

After confirming the development of GTA 6 early last year, Rockstar has largely remained about it. What is interesting is the fact that not even the title of the game has been shared officially. Though no confirmation has been given by Rockstar, fans are referring it to as GTA 6. Going by the kind of tradition or approach Rockstar has followed till date for naming its games, there is a very strong chance of the upcoming iteration in the GTA series being referred to as Grand Theft Auto 6.

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As far as the Taxi Job update is concerned, there is no surety about the GTA Online content featured in it that actually makes a reference to GTA 6. There is a fair chance of fans seeing more than there is to see.

The Taxi Work update’s artwork looks very similar to the Miami Taxi Vibes book, as far as its visual styling is concerned. There are, of course, several reasons behind this. Apart from taxis being a common element in both, the color scheme implores one to compare the two. Many of the unverified leaks and reports have pointed towards GTA 6 being set in Vice City which is inspired by Miami.

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While there is a good chance of coincidences here, the comparison has led to a lot of discussions among fans in the online space. This GTA Online update also marked the arrival of a unique shirt that caught the attention of many fans.

In the last couple of weeks, fans have made a lot of speculations about GTA 6 based on some of the elements they stumbled upon. Many of them are of the opinion that some of the newer assets or properties used in GTA Online would find their way into GTA 6.

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