Elden Ring PlayStation Versions Offered At A Discounted Price

Elden ring

Apart from winning the love of the gamers, Elden Ring has also garnered tremendous appreciation from gaming critics.

There are very few games that score big both in terms of sales and critical acclaim. After emerging as one of the highest-rated games of all time, Elden Ring is now in the running for the title of the Game of the Year 2022. A large number of fans believe there is no real competition for the game and it will clinch this title.

One of the factors that made Elden Ring such a huge success is the fact that through this game, many players experienced playing a From Software game for the very first time. In less than 30 days, Elden Ring managed to sell more than 12 million copies. What’s remarkable is the fact that it registered such high sales without offering any special deals or offers.

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The sales figures are highly impressive, more so when you compare these to the sales of games like Dark Soul 3 which took four years to touch 10 million sales. For a very long time, Elden Ring has been topping the sales charts. Now that it has been offered at a discounted price, its sales are expected to go much higher.

According to a report published by IGN, players can buy Elden Ring from online platforms like Amazon, Walmart and GameStop at a price of $49.94. However, it must be remembered that this offer has been extended only to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 versions of the game. While PS4 and PS5 users would be excited to know about this offer, it would bring in some disappointment for PC and Xbox owners who have no option for some lucrative deal to be offered to them in the future.

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While the discount is not huge, it should serve the purpose of getting new gamers on board. Since the sales of the game are at an all-time high, one should not expect bigger discounts to be offered in the near future. When sales start dropping, players can expect higher discounts.

Elden ring ps5 offer

While large discounts are offered on games a few months after their launch, these days one can avail of several interesting deals and offers by subscribing to many of the new gaming services. Since Elden Ring has been doing very well and has a large player base, there is little chance of it bringing down its price this year.

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