Elder Scrolls 6: Bethesda Confirms the Beginning of the Game’s Development

Elder Scrolls 6

While fans will have to wait for a while to see the Elder Scrolls 6 getting released, now they are at least aware of the fact that the game’s development process has started!

Bethesda Game Studios is gearing up for the launch of Starfield. The much-awaited action role-playing game was announced way back in 2018 and now, is finally ready to hit the stands. While gamers are looking forward to explore the space-based theme of the game, there is also a lot of anticipation around the game as it happens to be the first original IP put together by Bethesda in almost three decades.

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While there is a lot of excitement around Starfield, fans had also been waiting for Bethesda to share some relevant information or update about Elder Scrolls 6. The title was first unveiled in 2018 and owing to the kind of success games in this franchise have had, fans are eagerly waiting for its arrival. Though fans had been quite disappointed about not getting any update about the game, they should now feel a little relieved about the fact that the game is finally in its early stage of development.

Pete Hines, who serves as the Head of Publishing at Bethesda, recently did an interview with Vandal during Gamescom 2023. During this interview, Hines gave a confirmation about Elder Scrolls 6 coming out of the pre-production stage. Hines, while giving the interview, made it clear that the game is in its early development stage. This was something fans were waiting to hear for a long time.

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While fans would be quite happy to get this update about the long-in-the-making game, they might also feel a little anxious about the game being far away from its release date. Given the fact that the game is in the early stages of development, one doesn’t expect it to arrive any time soon. Bethesda also has a reputation for being a gaming studio that designs extremely long release windows for its titles. As per Todd Howard, video game designer and director at Bethesda Game Studios, 2028 is the year when Elder Scrolls 6 should see a release for itself.

After Hines shared this particular update, fans were expecting him to share more details about the game. However, the gaming executive refrained from doing so. He did confirm that most of Bethesda’s energies were now focused on the release of Starfield.

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