Elder Scrolls Online: Fortnite Players Can Get The Game For Free From Epic Games Store

Elder Scrolls Online

Players, who have been wanting to try the Elder Scrolls Online, now have the opportunity to claim the game without paying anything!

Epic Games and Elder Scrolls Online will join hands for a collaboration soon. Once this happens, Fortnite players will be able to get the game at zero cost from the Epic Games Store. Leakers and data-miners have claimed that one would be able to claim Elder Scrolls Online for free between July 20 and July 27. They have also stated that things could change after a while, so players should claim the game on July 20 itself.

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Data-miners have stumbled upon some information contained within official files and based on that, they believe that the Elder Scrolls Online will be live on the Epic Games Store at 11 AM ET on July 20. After the end of the free claim period, players would have to pay $19.99 to get the game. When they pay this amount, they can also expect to get some additional items such as a cosmetic set.

While Elder Scrolls Online will be available for free on the Epic Games store soon, its collaboration with Fortnite is also scheduled to happen in the next couple of days. Though no official confirmation has come from Epic Games as yet, data-miners and leakers are working towards pulling out information from official files and releasing them.

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The Fortnite Update v25.11 led to leakers stumbling upon cosmetic items in Elder Scrolls Online files. Even during the downtime, the majority of cosmetic items were brought to the fore by data miners. Since the game will be free to claim from July 20, there is a good chance of the aforementioned collaboration happening around that time.

As per leakers, the cosmetics that feature in this collaboration could be claimed for free as well. Even if they are not available for free, one should be able to find them in the Item Shop. Till now, three cosmetic items, Pickaxe, A Wrap and an Outfit, have been confirmed.

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