GTA 6 Leaked Footage Gives an Idea About Locations

Grand Theft Auto 6

Recently, GTA 6 leaked footage has proved to be a boon for fans who were waiting to get some updates about the locations in the game!

Ever since Rockstar Games confirmed the fact that it is developing Grand Theft Auto 6, rumors and leaks pertaining to the game have been arriving regularly. One of the most widely discussed topics related to the much-awaited game has been its locations. Apart from wanting to know where the game will be set, fans are eager to get some information on all the different locations that will be covered by the game.

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Many leakers have claimed that GTA 6 will be set in a more modern or upgraded version of Vice City. There have also been reports about the game having two playable protagonists in the form of Jason and Lucia. Last year, leaked gameplay pertaining to GTA 6 got the fans quite excited. The footage, that got leaked, seemed to depict a very early build of the game.

One of the things fans are talking about almost every day is that how vast or expansive the map of GTA 6 would be. Once in a while, fans stumble upon new information that helps join different pieces together and get an idea about how big the map would eventually turn out to be. The 2022 leak also helped the fans considerably in that direction.

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A Reddit user stated that one of the gameplay videos points towards the presence of Little Haiti in the game. This was, interestingly, one of the prominent locations in GTA: Vice City. This also substantiates the rumors which indicate that Vice City will be the main location in GTA 6.

Another Reddit user noticed a sign board that read ‘North, Bacamar Bridge Yorktown’. This sign board indicates the possibility of the game featuring a town that has not been a part of any of the earlier games in the franchise.

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Users have also seen roads leading to a mountain. This means players should get the opportunity to see the outer city limits as well. Malibu Club, Vice Beach Plaza, South Beach and Ocean View were some of the other locations that were spotted. These locations can be easily identified by those who have played GTA: Vice City for some time. The leaked footage, among other locations, also offered a glimpse of a sports stadium.

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