The Elder Scrolls 6: What Fans Should Expect From The Game?

Elder Scrolls 6 Release Date

With Bethesda taking its own sweet time to develop the game and incorporating a lot of features fans had requested, one expects the game to leave a mark whenever it releases.

It has been five years since The Elder Scrolls 6 was first revealed by Bethesda Game Studios. In these five years, one has seen a lot of rumors and unverified information floating around but Bethesda never confirmed anything from its end. There is no clarity about the release date either. As per recent reports, The Elder Scrolls VI will be the next major release from Bethesda.

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Recently, an Xbox podcast made it clear that The Elder Scrolls 6 will not be launched on PlayStation 5. Fans, however, continue to look forward to the Shattered Space expansion that is scheduled to come out on PC and Xbox a couple of months down the line. The Elder Scrolls community has put across several requests to Bethesda many of which are expected to be implemented by the gaming studio. The inclusion of city maps in the game is one of the requests that the gaming studio is expected to fulfill.

Different types of rumors continue to float around The Elder Scrolls 6. While some believe the game will be out by 2026, some gaming experts are of the opinion that one should not expect the game to be out anytime before 2030. Though it has been a while since Bethesda has been working on The ES 6, the gaming studio could need a lot more time to present the game in a polished form to the gamers.

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Despite the long wait, the excitement around The Elder Scrolls 6 does not seem to be dying down. In fact, with time, one sees more number of people getting interested in the game. While The Elder Scrolls 6 will be picked by fans of the franchise as soon as it arrives, one also expects those, who have never tried out any of the games in the series, to give it a shot.

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