Fallout 4 Fans Don’t Want Bethesda To Release Updates For The Game

Fallout 4 Graphics update

The presence of broken mods in the recent update has left fans feeling infuriated!

In the recent past, Bethesda has rolled out updates for Fallout 4 at regular intervals. However, Fallout 4 fans do not want the gaming studio to update the game for a while. Recently, the new graphics update for the game was rolled out and it left fans feeling disappointed. The reason behind it was the fact that it featured broken mods. Earlier, players had reported other broken mods and they had remained unfixed as well.

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The launch of the Fallout series has done a lot of good to Fallout, the game. As the player base of the game expanded, Bethesda rolled out fresh graphical updates to make enhancements to the game. PC players have come forward and been very vocal about not being happy about the release of updates that have adversely affected the game.

When the next-gen update was released on PC, even PC players expressed their disappointment over it. Now, this sense of disappointment has snowballed into anger and frustration and anger. As soon as players realized that the new graphics update featured broken mods, they brought it to the notice of Bethesda.

Fallout 4 Graphics in new gen update

Such issues, as players have rightly pointed out, have an adverse effect on the otherwise robust modding community of the game.

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When one goes to different social media platforms or even has a look at the Steam forums of Fallout 4, one comes across several players urging Bethesda to stop the process of releasing updates. Some of the players have been quite harsh in their criticism and accused Bethesda of not paying enough attention while creating content updates.

After the launch of this aforementioned update, the player community of Fallout 4 has been very disturbed. While Fallout 4 fans and players have been requesting the gaming studio to stop releasing updates, one at least expects Bethesda to be a little careful while designing and rolling out these updates.

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