Google Brings In Minecraft Easter Egg For Its 15th Anniversary

Minecraft Easter Egg

As the game celebrates its 15th anniversary, it has planned a lot of special things for fans.

As a sandbox game, Minecraft was launched in the year 2011. As it completes 15 years of its existence, Mojang Studios has some special plans lined up for it. Other companies, too, have pitched in to celebrate Minecraft’s 15th anniversary. Google has come up with a Minecraft Easter Egg that the fans should like. In the last several years, Google has come up with several video game Easter eggs. The one designed for Minecraft is the latest one.

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In the past, several video games have joined hands with Google to come up with content that would commemorate a special occasion such as an anniversary or an important event. A Google Splastoon egg, for instance, gives players the opportunity to put ink over their search results.

Minecraft Easter Egg

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of Minecraft, Google has come up with a Minecraft Easter Egg that makes it possible to explore elements of Minecraft in their search results. By typing the word ‘Minecraft’ in Google, one can have a look at the Google Easter egg.

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When you search for ‘Minecraft’ on Google, you will see a small dirt block from Minecraft pop up at the bottom of the screen. Upon clicking on it, you will see Minecraft Steve’s arm making an appearance on the screen. The usage of sound effects from Minecraft makes it possible for users to have a wholesome experience. Even the ones who have not tried out Minecraft as yet should enjoy the experience.

With more than 300 million units sold worldwide, Minecraft has emerged as the highest-selling game of all time. The game makes it possible for players to create almost anything they wish to. To celebrate its 15th anniversary, Minecraft has been giving away a lot of items for free. If somebody has not experienced the game yet, this is a good time for them to try it out.

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