Fans Want Minecraft 1.21 Update To Bring a Missing Weapon Type; What’s It?

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While Minecraft has shared some information about what this 1.21 update will bring, there are a few things fans want as well.

Mojang has already informed fans about the fact that the upcoming 1.21 update designed for Minecraft will emphasize on combat adventures. Fans, too, have their own expectations from this update. According to fans, now is a good time to introduce a weapon type that has not been included in the base game.

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For some reason, Minecraft has not thought about the possibility of introducing spears to the combat system of the game. Though one has seen spears in the game because of fan-made modes, Minecraft has refrained from introducing them. Some offbeat weapons, including tridents and crossbows, have been introduced in the game though.


Since the Minecraft 1.21 Update has been designed to focus on crafting and combat, fans believe it is just the right time to introduce spears in the game. The 2023 Mob Vote has already led Mojang towards speaking about the possibility of extending the reach of a player with the help of in-game items. The next update will be featuring Breeze mobs along with Trial Chambers structures. Therefore, it makes perfect sense for Mojang to introduce spears in the game at this point.

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As far as Minecraft combat is concerned, the last major update it received was in the year 2016. This update was titled the 1.9 Combat Update. This particular update brought in new features and mechanics in the game including off-hand item slots, hunger saturation and attack cooldown timers. Though some fans liked what this update brought into the game, there were many who were not too pleased with it.

The mixed response to the update could be one of the reasons behind Minecraft deciding not to revisit Minecraft’s combat. In the future, the updates could expand the gameplay with the help of new mobs, biomes and blocks. Now, fans are keenly looking forward to seeing what the long-awaited Minecraft 1.21 update will offer them.

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