Final Fantasy 14 Downside Features a Side Quest That Reveals an Important Story Event

Final Fantasy 14

Players, thankfully, can steer clear of spoilers by not accepting side quests in Tulliyoyal.

Whenever a new expansion is released for Final Fantasy 14, the game starts looking and feeling a little different for most players. You can do a variety of things when a new expansion arrives. You have the option of skipping the MSQ and reaching the post-expansion grind. You also have the option of taking your own sweet time while exploring the story. Before you reach the next major story scene, you can complete all the challenges that you encounter.

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As per Reddit user St_Wolfgang, a side quest is all set to unlock prematurely in the main story. In several cases, this would not have been an issue. This is because side quests are largely linked to events that come across in the MSQ. However,

Lvl. 95 MSQ warning: sidequest can ruin story
byu/st_wolfgang inffxiv

The side quest, one is referring to here, gets unlocked at level 95 and has been titled ‘Once a Riddler, Now a Ruler’. To sum it up, the side quest revolves around the result of the rite of succession. It explores it in an elaborate manner. The one who has put together this side quest seems to be somebody who knows a lot about the Tulliyolal political system. It could also be the result of a bug that has led to the quest being available sooner than later.

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While playing the game, players would not want to come across spoilers. However, there are simple ways to avoid stumbling upon them. Till the time the rite of succession arc comes to an end, you should not accept any side quests in Tulliyoyal. By turning off player titles, one can avoid them easily. Since it is a major spoiler, there is a good possibility that Square Enix will fix it in the near future.

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