Final Fantasy 14 Free Trial Gets Expanded; Game To Arrive On Xbox Soon

Final Fantasy 14

Good news galore for those who had waiting to play Final Fantasy 14 on Xbox!

The free trial of Final Fantasy 14 is getting expanded to encompass everything that has been released prior to the Stormblood expansion. What this also means is that players would get the opportunity to try three major JRPGs before buying the game. At the moment, the free trial of Final Fantasy 14 comprises the A Realm Reborn game and the Heavensward expansion. On the free trial, there is no restriction pertaining to playtime. Because of this, players can play Final Fantasy 14 for several hours at zero cost.

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Fans should be happy to know opting for this free trial is all set to become more lucrative. Producer and director Naoki Yoshida, during the Final Fantasy 14 Fan Festival organized in Las Vegas, had stated that Stormblood would be included in the free trial. This would have enabled players to get their jobs raised up to Level 70. It would have also given them the chance to get the Red Mage and Samurai classes unlocked and go through the narrative and reach Shadowbringers without paying anything.

If one takes just A Realm Reborn and the Heavensward expansion into consideration, then we would be staring at several hours of content. Through a subscription MMO, Final Fantasy 14 was already offering a well-packaged free trial to players. Now, it has got a little better.

The Final Fantasy 14 trial expansion will be incorporated in Dawntrail next year in the summer. The free trial will have limitations associated with it. Players will not have the option to converse with the speak or shout options. Many of the features like the mailbox and auction house will continue to be inaccessible.

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Those who had been waiting anxiously for Final Fantasy 14 to arrive, will have to wait a little longer. The much-awaited role-playing game will be released on Xbox Series X/S consoles in Spring 2024. This important announcement was made by Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, during the Final Fantasy 14 Fan Fest Event. According to him, the game, when played on Xbox, will load very fast and also have 4K support.

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