Final Fantasy 14: Update 6.55 Results In The Arrival of PvP Changes and Story Finales

Final Fantasy 14

This new update in Final Fantasy 14 has changed the dynamics of the game for the better and made players look forward to a lot of interesting changes being brought to the fore in the near future.

Final Fantasy 14 just released Patch 6.55, Growing Light Part 2, a new update that has led to the culmination of multiple side quests and the story that started with the Endwalker expansion. Along with culminating the stories, Final Fantasy 14 has made some alternations in Shatter, a PvP mode. In the Frontline mode, some Jobs have been nerfed as well.

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Patch 6.55 was rolled out three months after one saw the first half of Growing Light. In it, one witnessed the Warrior of Light put up a fight against the Void and defeat Zeromus, who is often referred to as the ultimate boss of Final Fantasy 14. Once the threat was done away with, the Warrior of Light, along with their allies, got back home. Around this time, players were teased with the first glimpses of the new update of Final Fantasy 14. Patch 6.55, apart from providing players with new adventures to explore, also seeks to build a connection between Endwalker and Dawntrail.

At the moment, no release date has been specified for Dawntrail. However, the primary story of Patch 6.55 will work towards filling up the gap. As per a recently published report, the 6.55 update has been designed to introduce players to Wuk Lamat, a female Hrothgar who hails from Tural. Along with making some alterations in the primary story, Square Enix has also made some modifications in the Frontline PvP mode of the game.

Patch 6.55 has been designed to bring the stories of tribes like the Omicron, Loporrit and Arkasodara to the forefront. Players would be required to get to the rank of Bloodsworn before embarking upon the quest. Players would also get the opportunity to witness the finale of the Tataru’s Grand Endeavour and Island Sanctuary.

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Apart from adding new scenario quests, the update has led to the introduction of tribal alliance quests. Using MGP, players can now purchase a variety of prizes. Players would also be happy with the inclusion of orchestrion rolls. They would also get to see some interesting features prominently. When the construction or renovation process of an island sanctuary is completed, they will receive a pop-up message

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