GTA 6 Characters Might Be Seen Paying In Cryptocurrency In Certain Missions

GTA 6 cryptocurrency

Considering the growing popularity of cryptocurrency, this strategy should work very well for the much-awaited game.

After the launch of the first official trailer of Grand Theft Auto 6 in December last year, the discussions around the game have intensified significantly. Fans want to know a lot about the game but there is very little which Rockstar Games is willing to share at the moment. In the last few years, one has come across a variety of rumors surrounding GTA 6. A rumor, which has come to the fore recently, suggests that the game could have cryptocurrency as a form of in-game payment. If this news turns out to be true, one would see a bunch of GTA 6 characters making payments in cryptocurrency.

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Rockstar Games has had a reputation of presenting real-world issues in a satirical form. When one takes this into account, the possibility of characters paying in cryptocurrency does not seem far-fetched. In the past, one has seen GTA 5 making a parody of social media platforms. All this makes one further that these rumors will eventually turn out to be true.

Though launched way back in 2009, cryptocurrency gained traction in the last few years and now, many are using it to make purchases of different kinds. While many have used cryptocurrency in a positive manner, it has also been utilized by criminal organizations for carrying out a variety of anti-social activities.

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Owing to its popularity and the polarizing discussions surrounding it, cryptocurrency has been used as an element in many modern-day gaming titles. As per the recent rumors, cryptocurrency would be the form of currency that will be used to pay for some tasks and missions in GTA 6. If this indeed happens, those who have a keen interest in cryptocurrency will be further attracted to the game.

While Rockstar has confirmed that GTA 6 will release in 2025, one still does not have any concrete information on its exact release date. Take-Two’s earnings call, however, revealed that there is a good possibility of GTA 6 being launched in Fall 2025. Since the holiday season would be at its peak at that time, Rockstar could benefit greatly by releasing the game during this time.

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