Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Could Receive a Demo Next Week

Final Fantasy

The demo, featuring a portion of the game, seems to have been designed to entice new gamers into trying it out upon its release.

PlayStation has just announced that that will organize a special State of Play showcase for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth in the coming week. The much-awaited game is all set to be launched on February 29 and both Square Enix and PlayStation seem to have grand plans to publicize it. While fans of the franchise are determined to purchase the game as soon as it is out, newer fans might feel encouraged to try out the game when it releases.

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By releasing a demo next week, Square Enix and PlayStation plan to maximize the awareness around the game. PlayStationSize, who is a well-known dataminer with a reputation for sharing details pertaining to file sizes of eagerly awaited games before their release, has stated that the Final Fantasy 7Rebirth demo shall come out soon.

Based on the information they manage to provide, one would believe that PlayStationSize has some access to the PlayStation store’s backend. Now, that they have made a claim about the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth demo arriving soon, there is a good possibility of it being made a part of the PlayStation store already.

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When a demo of a much-awaited game is scheduled to come out, players wonder as to what it will offer. The Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth demo is expected to be that part of the game which features Cloud putting up a fight along with Sephiroth while embarking upon a journey across Mt. Nibel. Since this portion has already been played out to the media as a preview, one expects this to be released as a demo as well. Of course, all these are speculations and one would get a clear idea about things when the demo drops next week.

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