Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Developer Shares Why Creating The Game Was Challenging

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Just like any other big game, the developer went through a variety of challenges while putting together Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

Last month, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth was launched on a wide scale. After the launch of the game, a few staff members at Square Enix started discussing the challenges they had to undergo to put together a project that had high expectations riding on it. FF7 Rebirth was launched around four years after the remake came out. The developers, therefore, had a lot of time on their hands. Despite this, they faced some challenges while developing the game.

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FF7 Rebirth can be best described as an open-world adventure that is put together with the help of Unreal Engine 4. The game allows players to explore several regions based outside Midgar including Cosmo Canyon, Junon and Nibelheim. In terms of sales, FF7 Rebirth could not match up to FF7 Remake. However, the reason behind that could be the former getting an exclusive release on PS5. One of the reasons behind the game being received well is that it is loaded with a vast amount of content.

After launching Final Fantasy7 Rebirth in the market, the developers went back to the drawing board and started introspecting about the game and all that went into putting it together. In a blog post, Teruki Endo, who serves as the battle director on FF7 Rebirth, stated that he was not sure whether the game would be completed on time as they needed to create a lot of content for it.

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According to Endo, the team faced numerous challenges while putting together the systems behind the abilities of each character and the Summons that can be seen fighting alongside Cloud and the party. In the same breath, Endo stated that the developers managed to put together the game despite going through these challenges.

Endo further said that many of the elements that were used in the creation of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth were not included in the FF7 Remake. As per Endo, a well-balanced combination of new-age gaming mechanics and nostalgia is what made the game interesting for players.

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