Final Fantasy 9 Remake On The Way But Fans Should Not Expect a Final Fantasy 10 Remake

Final Fantasy 9 Remake

According to leaker Midori, Square Enix does not have any plans to launch a remake of Final Fantasy 10 in the near future.

For several years, one has heard rumors about a Final Fantasy 9 remake being in the works. A Nividia leak, which happened way back in 2021, was responsible for starting these rumors. Though it has been three years since these rumors first came to the fore, nothing has been confirmed by Square Enix. Now, Midori, a prominent leaker, has claimed that fans will soon get a Final Fantasy 9 remake.

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According to a report compiled by My Nintendo News, Midori has confirmed that a Final Fantasy 9 remake is indeed in the works. At the moment, one does not have any concrete information about it though. While some believe the Final Fantasy 9 remake will be on the lines of a Final Fantasy 7 trilogy, there are many who are of the opinion that it will be very similar to Live a Live.

Final Fantasy 10 Remake

I’m A Hero Too, a prominent leaker on ResetEra, had made claims that a Final Fantasy 10 remake is in the development process. The leaker further stated that the remake will come out in 2026, a year in which the franchise will be commemorating its 25th anniversary. Midori, however, does not share the same belief. As per the leaker, Square Enix is not working on a remake of Final Fantasy 10. If we go by the information provided by the leaker so far, a Final Fantasy 10 remake could happen sometime in the future but the gaming studio does not have any plans to launch a FF10 remake anytime soon.

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Right, Final Fantasy fans are keenly looking forward to the arrival of the third part in the Final Fantasy 7 remake trilogy. If Square Enix is seriously working towards developing a Final Fantasy 9 remake, there will be some time before a remake of Final Fantasy 10 launches. Fans, of course, have been making demands for other games in the franchise to be rebooted as well.

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