First Foldable iPhone May Be a Competitor to Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 8

Foldable iPhone

Samsung has been known for offering folding and flipping smartphones for quite a few years now. Over the years, the manufacturer has made advancements to these smartphones.

Apple, on the other hand, has so far been in no hurry to introduce these types of smartphones so far. A recent leak has confirmed that the company has taken the first step towards launching a foldable iPhone.

First Foldable iPhone Launch

According to a recent South Korean online source, Apple has finally decided to foray into the foldable smartphone market. The tech giant is planning to launch its first foldable smartphone way down in September or October 2026. Going by the present trend, this would be the time that Samsung is likely to launch its Galaxy Z Flip 8 and Galaxy Z Fold 8. So, Apple’s debut foldable smartphone may compete with the Z Flip 8 from Samsung.

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The online source does not indicate how Apple plans to name its foldable smartphone. However, it did mention that the manufacturer is targeting a sale count of 50 million units. This is double the count of the shipping estimate of foldable smartphones in 2023 from all other manufacturers.

Foldable iPhone Prototype

Reports received earlier this month state that Apple has designed two prototypes of its foldable smartphone. These prototypes depict a horizontal folding style that makes them resemble the Galaxy Flip Z series that Samsung has to offer.

According to a report by renowned tech analyst Ming-Chi Kuo around a fortnight ago, the upcoming foldable iPhone will have a large 8-inch display that would make it almost as big as the display in the 8.3-inch iPad Mini. If this is true, the display would also be bigger than what is in the Galaxy Z Fold 4 which portrays a 7.6-inch display when opened.

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Another report from him states that Apple is also working on a 9-inch display for the smartphone. He goes on to add that the manufacturer is contemplating a color e-ink display for the exterior display.

There is another report that indicates Apple has tied up with LG for a 7.5-inch OLED foldable display panel.

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This is not the first time that talks are going on foldable devices from Apple. Some citations state the manufacturer will offer a foldable iPad Mini before it goes ahead with the launch of the foldable iPhone to judge the interest of fans in foldable devices.

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