New Fortnite Leaks Indicate a Full My Hero Academia Part 2 Crossover Happening

New Fortnite leaks

If the new Fortnite leaks are to be believed, a full My Hero Academia Part 2 crossover could be taking place very soon!

In the recent times, if there is one game that has seen multiple crossovers happening, it is Fortnite. The online video game has treated players with several interesting crossovers over the years. A while back, Fortnite stepped into Chapter 4 Season 4. This resulted in the introduction of a new skin for Khaby Lame, a popular TikTok star. Right now, there is a strong possibility of Epic Games deriving a new skin out of My Hero Academia.

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The original My Hero Academia skin set marked the arrival of four distinctive characters in the game in the form of All Might, Izuku Midoriya, Ochao Uraraka, and Katsuki Bakugo. Recent Fortnite leaks suggest that characters like Mina Ashido and Eijiro Kirishima might be included in the game during the second round.

Eijiro Kirishima happens to be a student in Class 1-A who is making attempts to become a Pro Hero. The ‚ÄėQuirk‚Äô he has lends him the power to harden and chisel up different parts of their body. Using this ability, they can actually transform themselves into a rock. Since they are trying to exhibit their manliness in front of everyone all the time, this particular ability helps them significantly. The character is also known to be chivalrous and standing up for things which they believe to be right.

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According to the Fortnite leak, the second character is Mina Ashido who also happens to be a Class 1-A student known for having a skin that is very pink. The skin is said to be a result of her Quirk which enables her to produce a liquid that is corrosive in nature that can also be used for defending themselves against several external factors.

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