Fortnite: Crew Pack Content Designed For March 2023 Revealed

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Epic Games, through a video, officially revealed the skin that would be made available with the Fortnite Crew Pack Subscription service next month.

Fortnite’s Crew Pack skin for March has finally been revealed. Players will be able to access it from the last day of this month. It has been two years since the Fortnite Crew Pack subscription service was made available. While it instantly became popular with active players of the game, many fans have also been of the opinion that other games must design a membership service that closely resembles the Fortnite Crew Pack.

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By paying a certain fee on a monthly basis, Crew members receive access to a free skin and a variety of cosmetic items. They also receive 1,000 V-Bucks every single month along with the Battle Pass at zero cost.

On March 8, curtains will be drawn on Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1. A large number of players will buy a Crew Pack Subscription so that they can lay their hands on the Battle Pass without spending 950 V-Bucks. Since a large number of players are interested in getting this subscription, the free items offered with the March Crew Pack are quite important.

Epic Games has released a teaser for a harvesting tool called Masterwork Pickaxe that will be made accessible only to Crew members who pay for the subscription service in February and March. The teaser reveals a lot of important things. One can see a glimpse of Sylvie, the skin that has been a part of February’s Crew Pack.

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While the release date for March’s crew pack has not been revealed as yet, one can get an idea about it by following the release date pattern for the crew packs that came out in the earlier months. On the last day of February, that is February 28, active subscribers might get the freebies at 7 PM ET.

As is the case with Fortnite Battle Pass material, Crew Pack cosmetics have been designed as exclusive items and can be procured upon their release. After a while, they will not be available to be bought from the Item Shop.

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