Nintendo Could Be Developing a Super Mario Bros Movie Switch Bundle

Super Mario

As per a new rumor, Nintendo might collaborate with Super Mario Bros for a Switch bundle.

If a recently emerged rumor is to be believed, Nintendo Switch might launch a special tie-in bundle closer to the release of The Super Mario Bros. Movie. On March 3, Nintendo Switch will be celebrating its sixth anniversary. As per the recent financial report by Nintendo, the Switch has gone way beyond the PlayStation 4 as far as sales is concerned.

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While there has been some anticipation around The Super Mario Bros Movie, reports suggesting the film has a short runtime has dampened the spirits of many fans. At the moment, fans are looking forward to witnessing Mario in an avatar that is similar to the way the character was represented in the gaming franchise. Since this will be a movie, one expects high-quality animation and immersive storytelling.

Nintendo has always made an endeavor to make devices that are family-friendly and easy to use. This particular approach has been an important part of its brand-building exercise. Because of this reason, one expects a large number of families to be interested in purchasing the console.

A Super Mario Bros Movie Switch bundle should also hold a lot of appeal for children who will discover Mario through the movie. Older fans might check the bundle out of curiosity. Twitter user Billbil-kun, who is an expert on tech deals and gaming, has claimed that a new Nintendo Switch bundle is scheduled to be launched on ‘Mar10 Day’. For the uninitiated, Mar10 Day is a day that is associated with Nintendo sales.

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According to the tweet shared by Billbil-kun, the deal will feature a digital variant of Super Mario Odyssey, a red Switch console and a special item that will have a close connection with the soon-to-be-released Mario movie. The tweet also states that the bundle will be priced at €269 in France. At the moment, there is no clarity on whether it will be available exclusively in France or made accessible in other countries and territories as well.

The bundle, which has not been confirmed as yet, might also feature a bonus pertaining to The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Since a red model is already in circulation, it would be quite fair to say that the red Switch console is not a brand-new edition.

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