Fortnite Leak Brings In Bad News For The Fans of Season OG

Fortnite OG

The new season might just lead to the OG disappearing forever!

As per a Fortnite leaker, the arrival of the new season will lead to the disappearance of the OG. OG has been responsible for renewing the interest of many old players in the franchise. However, if the leak is anything to go by, we won’t see the OG for long.

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In the past, one has witnessed classic games like World of Warcraft and Everquest opening legacy servers and giving players the opportunity to try out the original version. OG managed to bring back many of the old-school items that one associated with Fortnite. After the launch of OG, the popularity of the battle royale reached dizzying heights and scored a new record of having 44.7 million players. The massive success of the OG season led many fans to believe that it will be around as an option for a very long time. However, this new leak suggests otherwise.

HypeX, a leaker who is known for dropping information on Fortnite frequently, said that Epic Games has decided not to retain OG post the next season’s release. Apart from claiming that OG was a “fleeting idea”, the leaker also stated that the end of this particular season would mark the beginning of a new chapter.

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At the moment, the Fortnite map features a mentor suspended in midair and this visual reminds one of Season 3. On December 2, the OG will conclude with an Eminem live event. After this, fans can expect to see several major changes being made to the map. As per the leaker, OG will be dismantled in order to introduce the setting of Chapter 5.

After releasing OG, Epic Games reintroduced a bunch of popular POIs like Dusty Depot, Tilted Towers and Greasy Grove. Though there is a possibility of these locations making an appearance in future maps, there is no clarity on when players will get to explore the iconic map of Chapter 1. There is a strong chance of Chapter 5 featuring several areas or locations that players haven’t been exposed to in the past.

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