Fortnite: Players Suffer From Sign-In and Matchmaking Issues In The Game


Apart from not being able to sign-in to Fortnite, players are also finding it difficult to engage in matchmaking!

Epic Games has confirmed that Fortnite players are facing difficulties while trying to sign up or queue up for the online game. The collaboration of Fortnite with Futurama for a special event has coincided with the former getting affected by a bunch of issues. This particular event has brought to the fore a bunch of vibrant skins centered on the main trio in the show.

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In the past, Fortnite has had tie-ups with several popular media franchises. The collaboration with Futurama, though expected, is quite special. The Epic Games’ battle royale has had major crossovers with several DC and Marvel films. These collaborations have resulted in characters like Deadpool, Batman and Iron Man being introduced in the game. Fortnite has been known for coming up with several out-of-the-box events for its collaborations.

The official Fortnite Status Twitter account by Epic Games has shed some light on the issues which Fortnite is plagued with at the moment. The developer has accepted the fact that players have been suffering from several issues post the unveiling of its new event. While many players are unable to sign-in to the game, some are not able to queue up for matchmaking.

Though the gaming publisher didn’t share the reason behind the presence of the bugs, it stated that the team is working towards “investigating a fix”. Through the Twitter post, it also promised fans that more updates will be shared once the team finds a solution to the prevailing issues.

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In the recent past, Fortnite had been plagued with similar issues. There have been occasions when Epic Games had to take down the servers of the game to fix certain issues. The gaming company has also been working towards the connectivity issues affecting Fortnite.

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