GTA Online: Money Glitch Offers Players The Opportunity To Earn Millions By Selling a Car

SOLO car duplication glitch

A newly emerged technical issue in GTA Online has created the scope for players to make a lot of money by trading just one car.

In the past, players have encountered several money glitches in GTA Online that have enabled them to earn a good amount of money easily. Now, a new money glitch enables them to stake their claim to millions of dollars in a jiffy.

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It is common knowledge that Rockstar Games keeps updating its game files at regular intervals to ensure the gameplay turns out to be smooth and comfortable for both old and new players. Despite this, some glitches come to the fore and more often than not, these are discovered by the players.

GTA Online players recently stumbled upon a money glitch in the game that enables them to sell any random car at a very high price. To benefit from this glitch, players just need to follow a few easy steps diligently.

A YouTuber, who goes by the name Loafee_GTA, shared a video on March 24, 2023 which was called Sell Any Street Car For Millions New GTA 5 Money Glitch. Through this video, the YouTuber explained how a player can make a lot of money using this glitch.

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As per Loafee_GTA, players are required to steal a random street car and then, make the necessary arrangements to keep it in their garage. After this, they have to interchange the locations of the most high-valued car in their garage and the stolen car. Once they do this, they will have to take the car, they have stolen, to the LS customs and make some basic alterations to it. Once you explore this glitch, you will find several creative ways to make money out of it.

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