Overwatch 2: Players Not Happy With New Matchmaking Adjustment Made To The Game

overwatch 2

Activision Blizzard was hoping for players to approve of the new matchmaking adjustment it has made to Overwatch 2 but that hasn’t happened!

A new matchmaking adjustment was made to Overwatch 2 recently by Activision Blizzard. While the gaming publisher had expected this adjustment to be received well by the players, the response has been lukewarm so far.

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Games, that are quite similar to Overwatch 2 as far as the genre or theme is concerned, have often struggled with putting together the kind of matchmaking that would appeal to players. Overwatch 2, too, has grappled with this issue. While the developing team has been working towards making significant changes in this direction, a lot remains to be done.

Overwatch 2 was officially launched on 4 October 2022. While the game has been lauded for many of its unique elements, there has also been criticism for several of the problems it has been plagued with. One of the most pertinent issues associated with the game has been the quality of matchmaking. Overwatch 2 players, in the third season of the game, have often discussed whether the game has been able to put up matches that are fair and balanced.

The new change in matchmaking, which has been implemented by Blizzard, was expected to lead the players towards connecting with the game better. Unfortunately, players are not too satisfied with this new adjustment.

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Morgan Maddren, who is a server engineer with the company, posted a series of tweets through his Twitter account which made it clear that the development team was making a conscious effort to put together matches while keeping in mind the requirements of MMR. Overwatch 2 fans would be aware of the fact that MMR is an integral component of the game. The reason behind it is the fact that it is used extensively by developers to strike a balance between rankings and matches.

Because of this particular alteration, players could experience shorter queue times. Maddren has also stated that bringing a reduction in the overall MMR spread, perhaps, was not the wisest move as it wouldn’t appeal to players who move in groups. While it’s true that the matchmaking system in Overwatch 2 was far from being perfect, the recent changes haven’t done any good to the game. The comments posted under Maddren’s post serve as a testimony to this.

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