God of War Ragnarok New Game+ Mode Adds New Challenges and Customizable Options

God of War Ragnarok New Game+

A new game mode is always a reason to go back and God of War Ragnarok New Game+ mode brings in all the exciting new challenges to keep players interested.

Most ardent fans would have already finished the game but now it is time to go back to enjoy what it has to offer in terms of game options, new perks, challenges and plenty of hard-to-defeat enemies making it more exciting than before.

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The game which was released in 2022 took its own time for the special Game+ mode to be developed and released. It is quite a wait but worth it as the new NG+ update allows players to push the limit of each level to the farthest height possible. God of War is all about aggressive fights and it ideally makes it challenging because the enemies or bosses will no longer be forgiving by any means.

Making the Game More Challenging than Ever

Unlike the original game which is now familiar to players who completed it, the bosses will be much harder to defeat. Hateful and Ormstunga will have new skills which make it tough for you to just fling your axe at them to get a kill. However, the game developers didn’t really reveal the tactics they will use to bring you down.

A whole new armor has also been added to the list named the Armor of the Black Bear. The particular addition makes Kratos far stronger than he already is. He will now be able to withstand fights against tough bosses, and take more damage and the armor actually shoots a shard of ice when you dodge an attack.

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While it may sound more like a strategy game move, there is also the option to choose Spartan armor. As the name suggests, Spartans carry about nothing but fighting glory which is why Kratos will go bare-chested against his enemies without a shirt, perk, or any kind of defensive mechanism.

The overall leveling-up system is now opened up, negative perks like frost will make him move slower along with an open Spartan armor. The sparring arena now has a much bigger space in God of War Ragnarok New Game+ mode and you can also choose to fight as Atreus along with friends fighting alongside you like Thor, Sindri, and Freya among others.

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