God of War Ragnarok: Upcoming DLC For The Game Could Bring a Major Change In The Franchise

God of War Ragnarok New Game+

A new DLC, which has reportedly been planned for God of War Ragnarok, could alter the franchise in ways more than the players imagine!

God of War Ragnarok was launched on PlayStation 5 a long time ago. While fans were waiting for the game to arrive on PC, they witnessed the release of a New Game Plus update early this year. This was done to keep the current player base of the game invested in the game.

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A recently circulated rumor stated that Santa Monica Studio had finished 60% of its work on a new DLC planned for God of War Ragnarok. While there is not enough clarity on whether this new DLC will be a short game or a brief story scenario, fans could be treated with fresh content very soon.

While players were not expecting a new DLC for God of War Ragnarok to arrive around this time, they wouldn’t mind the release of one. The arrival of this DLC, according to the rumors, could also lead to the franchise moving in a different direction in the near future.

There is a chance that the DLC contains some clues or indicators about the next God of Ragnarok game being set in Egypt. The existence of this new DLC itself could suggest that Santa Monica Studio has some radical ideas for the franchise. In the near future, fans should look forward to many story DLCs and independent expansions to arrive as a part of the franchise.

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Every God of War title costs a lot of money to be put together. Exploring the various mythologies in a game also requires the investment of a great amount of time and effort. A new game also gives creators the opportunity to incorporate several characters and ideas that could not be a part of the earlier games in the franchise.

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