Issues Plaguing Nintendo Switch, Dead Pixels on Switch Screen Not Defect Says Nintendo

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch released globally on 3rd March is facing issues of dead pixels on its screen.

However, Nintendo claims that it is not a defect and a normal occurrence. Early users of the console have experienced many issues and one among these is the dead pixels seen on the screen.

Nintendo Switch

Dead Pixels

The Nintendo Switch released on 3rd March is in high demand and some of the early buyers of the hybrid console have noticed the dead pixels, showing up in the form of specks seen on its screen. The specks continue to remain on the screen in the form of white or black pixels.

Users Unhappy

While there are some gamers who don’t have a problem with such dead pixels or with a few black or white specks on their device screen, others are quite unhappy about it. They are not willing to compromise on the issue after paying an amount of around $300 for the console and going through a lot of trouble in getting the device, as it is in high demand.

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Nintendo Says No Defect

However, if a Nintendo Switch user would like a replacement of the console on account of the dead pixels issue, it could prove to be difficult. This is because the supply of the console is short when compared to the huge demand for it. Moreover, Nintendo has claimed that this is not even a defect, according to the statements seen in the troubleshooting pages for the device. A small number of such dead pixels is normal, according to Nintendo, and is characteristic in an LCD screen. Nintendo thus claims that the dead pixels seen on the screen are not an issue and cannot be considered a defect in the console.

Is This Normal?

While considering the issue of dead pixels on an LCD screen, is it really normal? One or even two dead pixels on the LCD screen is considered normal, but there have been plenty of progress in the manufacturing procedures and the issue should not exist any more. Many manufacturers also have policies related to dead pixels, clearly stating as to what can be considered a defect and what cannot, according to the number of pixels that are dead.

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Nintendo has not offered any such dead pixel policy for their Nintendo Switch gaming console. Users who want to replace their consoles on account of this so called defect may have to make an individual complaint to their retailers or to Nintendo. Way back in the year 2004, Nintendo had offered solutions for their DS portable system due to user pressure, so the possibility exists.

Nintendo Switch JoyCon

Other Issues

In addition to the problem of dead pixels, the Nintendo Switch users have also experienced other problems. One of these is that the display gets a hairline scratch when inserted into the dock. This is due to the fact that the screen has a plastic cover, which is not resistant to scratches when compared to the glass seen on smartphones and tablet screens.

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Another problem is connected with connectivity of the JoyCon controllers. Nintendo has offered a solution to this, asking users to keep their device away from microwave ovens and from aquariums.

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