Google Chrome 58 Beta Takes Chrome Custom Tabs to a New Level

Google Chrome 57 beta

Google Chrome 57 recently left the beta channel, but the new browser is still limited to desktops, with both Android and iOS users yet to see the stable version of the same.

Even before the stable version of Google Chrome 57 hits Android and iOS devices, the tech giant has already released the upgraded Google Chrome 58, but as expected, this version is still in beta and only meant for developers.

Despite being in beta, we’ve had a chance to interact with Chrome 57 on Android, something that revealed an interesting feature on the app. If you are on this version already, you should know that Google updated the Custom Tabs with support for all normal tab controls that are available in the browser. This was without a doubt a major step ahead, but the latest Google Chrome 58 beta takes this to a whole new level.

Apparently, you can now open Custom Tab links in a separate Google Chrome tab, something that many users of the browser should relish. It’s a significant step up from what used to be the case before when it came to Custom Tabs’ handling of links, where users can only copy the address and text or download the link. But in the new Google Chrome 58, you can not only open the link in a new tab but also open it in an incognito tab.

Google Chrome 58

Google’s recent efforts towards making Custom Tabs more like the standard Chrome browser have not gone unnoticed, but hopefully, there’s more to come from the tech giant, at least in terms of features. Since this is a beta version of the app, it will for sure take some time before we see this in the standard version. It gets even worse given that mobile phone users are still stuck with Chrome 56 as the stable version, but if you wish to get your hands on the beta versions, you can grab either the Chrome Canary or Chrome Dev right from the Google Play Store and install it on your device. Remember to set it as the default browser once installed.

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