Google has Lower Expectations on Pixel 5 Sales, 1 Million Expected to Sell in 2020

Google Pixel

Google’s affordable Nexus range of phones had a much better run with customers worldwide.

When they switched to the Pixel series and increased pricing, it started falling apart. Ever since the Pixel 3 phones, they never sold much in the market and a similar trend is expected for the Pixel 5 sales when it gets launched. The company expects to sell less than 1 million phones this year.

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The event today will launch the new Google Pixel 5 smartphone. One of the obvious reasons is that the pandemic has hit the more expensive products in the market. The mighty Apple sold more iPhone SE 2020 smartphones than their older, more expensive models sold. Priced at just $400, it was obvious that people are not willing to spend too much on a smartphone these days. A similar trend prevailed for Google as well because their Pixel 4a devices and the cheaper Pixels sold much more than the expensive ones. They even skipped launching their last phone in a number of regions.

Google Pixel

Pixel 4 Sets the Tone for the new Pixel 5

Google Pixel 5 along with a series of other devices will be launched in today’s event including a brand new Chromecast. While the company continues to enjoy some great fan following in the smart home and entertainment segment, their 4K streaming device may sell better but the same cannot be said about their new Pixel 5. Besides, it is all about pricing the phone right. Every major brand has to come up with a more affordable variant and it was evident when Samsung launched the Galaxy S20 FE edition for $700 so as to reach more buyers.

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The idea is to bring the flagship grade features such as camera and build quality to a more feasible range. It is being done by removing some of the features that people are not keen about but focusing on what they would want to have the most. The FE edition and its pricing could reflect on Google Pixel 5 too if they are looking forward to sell at least a million phones before the end of 2020.

However, if they are going to forget all the sensible ideas and keep overpricing their devices with no innovation except for the amazing camera, it won’t be long before it joins the lineup of HTC and Sony devices. Google’s Pixel 5 and other devices launch event in 2020 is going to play a huge role in making their hardware division stick to the market or possibly choose to retire if people don’t support it as much as they expect them to.

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